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It is Thistle and Bristle company policy that pricing be straight-forward and standardized. This is how pricing works: 


$50   +    $10/sq ft 

Design Fee

Labor, supplies, etc...

Have a specific budget? 

Let me know! We'll make it work:)

How to figure out your price at the Base Rate



1 sq. ft


Height x width = square feet 

4ft x 4ft = 16 sq. ft

16 sq. feet at $10/sq. ft = $160


$50 design fee + $160 = $210 for a 4ft x 4ft mural 

Below Base Rate

Some pieces can be done for a budget that is below the base rate. Designs may need to be simplified. Set up a consult to discuss what we can do within your budget!

Small-scale pieces and art installations that require less work may fall into this category

Above Base Rate

The following are reasons that your project may cost more than the Base Rate: 

  • The project requires specialty supplies

  • High-detail designs (these require more painting time)

  • Difficult Location

  • Difficult time constraints

  • If the project requires a long commute from Boulder, CO (more than 30 mins by car) 

  • If the wall needs major prep or repairs before painting

  • If your project is an art installation that requires additional work

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