Mission Statement

Thistle & Bristle's primary goal is to add beauty and joy to everyday spaces. By using a simple 5-step process and standardized pricing, I hope to make murals and art accessible to everyone.

5- Step Process

2. Proposal 

-Includes a non-refundable $50 design fee 

3. Contract and Deposit 

-Negotiable for non-profit organizations 

4. Painting!

5. Final Payment 

1. Free Consult 


Free Consult

Online, by phone, or in-person

During the consult we will:

  •      Discuss the project

  •      Brainstorm ideas

  •      Answer any questions that you might have


After the consult,  if you want to move forward with the project, I will draw some design sketches (just in pen or pencil) for you to pick from. 



After a final design is selected, ​

The proposal entails :

  • A non-refundable $50 design fee (This covers the design, and an example painting of what the piece will look like, as well as any design changes that need to occur before the design is finalized). This fee is not deductible from the final price of the mural, however, it may also help to cover the cost of supplies.

  • An outline of the project timeline and budget

​***This step may be adjusted for non-profits on strict pay cycles

Contract and Deposit

*Negotiable for non-profits that are on specific pay cycles

After the proposal is approved, a contract will be written up for you to sign. A 50% deposit will be expected before painting begins (This is 50% of what is left after the design fee has been paid). A final invoice will be sent after the project is finished.